Colin Kaepernick Helps To Feed The Homeless On His 32nd Birthday

Yesterday, Colin Kaepernick celebrated his 32nd  Birthday and to commemorate his day of birth, he helped to give back to the community in Oakland, CA as he helped to feed the homeless.

According to Fox News, Colin along with his “Know Your Rights” Camp Foundation spent their day giving back as they handed out backpacks filled with snacks, socks, and soap. He also called a food truck and paid for everyone’s meals as well.

Back in August, during an interview with Paper Magazine, Colin spoke about the incident that sparked his activism and his “Know Your Rights,” Camp, which was the 2015 killing of Mario Woods. He had already been discussing ideas of a camp, however, that incident help give him that push into what his organization had grown into today.

Colin also had Mario’s mother and brother with him on Sunday as he celebrated his special day by giving back.

The purpose of the “Know Your Rights” Camp has been to “gain legal knowledge for navigating all-too-common violent encounters with police officers and to thrive in the areas of health, education, tech, self-empowerment, and finance. Not only does the camp provide material resources to youth but it also serves as a space where love, joy, courage, and honesty are given room to breathe.”

It’s great to see Colin Kaepernick continue to give back to different communities in different ways.

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