Kodak Black sentenced to nearly 4 years in prison

“Young people do stupid things, but the problem is that you’ve been doing stupid things since you were 15,” said U.S. District Court Judge Federico Moreno while sentencing Kodak Black this morning on his federal weapons case that took place in South Florida.

The rapper was looking at a maximum of a 10 yr sentence after pleading guilty to pleaded guilty to two counts of knowingly making a false and fictitious written statement in connection with the acquisition and attempted acquisition of a firearm from a federally licensed firearms dealer.

As you remember, back in May, Kodak was arrested by U.S. Marshals just before his performance at Rolling Loud which was taking place in Miami Gardens.

This isn’t the end of Kodak Black’s legal troubles. He still has a criminal sexual misconduct case in South Carolina for sexual assault of a high school student back in 2016.

Nelly Pulled Off Stage by Eager Fan During Performance

During this past weekend, while performing at the Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage, Nelly was doing what he normally does during his sets…getting close and interacting with his fans. On this occasion, one fan wanted to get a little closer to the star.

This fan subsequently grabbed Nelly by the arm and pulled him towards her off the stage…to his and many others surprise as shown by the footage from TMZ.

Eventually Nelly did get back on stage and before he continued his performance he told the fan ” “You can’t pull me, shorty,” he said. “I appreciate it — but I’m on the edge of the stage. If you pull me, I ain’t got nowhere to go!” He also allowed the fan to stay until the end of the set which was an absolute surprise to me and others.

Were you aware of an E. Coli outbreak linked to romaine this summer? No? Neither did we…

On October 31, 2019, the FDA disclosed to the public that there was a recent outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 which could be traced back to contaminated romaine lettuce. This outbreak took place from July 12, 2019 to September 8, 2019 and infected 23 people across 12 states. What’s interesting about this is that the FDA waited approximately 6 weeks to inform the public. Now, we all remember what took place last year when a similar outbreak went across 36 states. This resulted in 210 total reported illnesses, 96 hospitalizations, and 5 deaths. According to the FDA, the reason why they didn’t immediately inform the public of this latest outbreak was because “when romaine lettuce was identified as the likely source of the outbreak, the available data at the time indicated that the outbreak was not ongoing and romaine lettuce eaten by sick people was past its shelf life and no longer available for sale.” This is all well in good in theory, but my question to the FDA and CDC is shouldn’t we as the consumer be given the information when known and then have the ability to choose whether to buy the product even if these organizations feel there is little to no risk?

Colin Kaepernick Helps To Feed The Homeless On His 32nd Birthday

Yesterday, Colin Kaepernick celebrated his 32nd  Birthday and to commemorate his day of birth, he helped to give back to the community in Oakland, CA as he helped to feed the homeless.

According to Fox News, Colin along with his “Know Your Rights” Camp Foundation spent their day giving back as they handed out backpacks filled with snacks, socks, and soap. He also called a food truck and paid for everyone’s meals as well.

Back in August, during an interview with Paper Magazine, Colin spoke about the incident that sparked his activism and his “Know Your Rights,” Camp, which was the 2015 killing of Mario Woods. He had already been discussing ideas of a camp, however, that incident help give him that push into what his organization had grown into today.

Colin also had Mario’s mother and brother with him on Sunday as he celebrated his special day by giving back.

The purpose of the “Know Your Rights” Camp has been to “gain legal knowledge for navigating all-too-common violent encounters with police officers and to thrive in the areas of health, education, tech, self-empowerment, and finance. Not only does the camp provide material resources to youth but it also serves as a space where love, joy, courage, and honesty are given room to breathe.”

It’s great to see Colin Kaepernick continue to give back to different communities in different ways.

Master P Partners W/ Walmart To Bring Rap Snacks To 4,200 Stores

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Master P AKA Percy Miller has reportedly partnered with Walmart to bring his Rap Snacks chip brand to 4,200 stores across the America. Master P  was born on April 29, 1970 in New Orleans. He used money from a malpractice settlement to open No Limit Records, a store which became a label. His artists crowded the hip-hop charts in the late 90s and Master P expanded his empire into film, sports management, and socially conscious rap.  The No Limit boss recently sat down with MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari to discuss his latest business venture. During the conversation, he was asked if he was ever not taken seriously as a businessman — even after all of his success.

“I had a situation the other day where I met with a guy and he was like, ‘I expected you to be a whole different person” ’cause I was prejudged by music — not the business that I’m creating to build an empire and to build a generation of wealth for your family,” Master P replied. “You have to make changes. “Nobody is perfect. I put my trust and faith in god and tell people, ‘You can’t prejudge somebody’ because everybody can change and everybody can grow.”

Rap Snacks has also joined forces with Atlanta-based vegan burger restaurant Slutty Vegan to create their first-ever vegan potato chip. The product was inspired by Slutty Vegan’s health-conscious yet savory menu and will come in two flavors.

They will be shopped at every location Rap Snacks are sold starting in December. Rap Snacks and Slutty Vegan’s mission is to “provide vegan options to culturally diverse consumers who may otherwise have less access and knowledge about vegan snack options.” Side note As of 2019Master P’s net worth is roughly $200 million.

YG Denies Cheating On Kehlani After Video Surfaces

LOS ANGELES, CA – Rumors started to fly on Thursday Oct 31 after video of YG appearing to kiss another woman who wasn’t his girlfriend Kehlani hit the internet. But according to YG, nothing like that ever happened.

YG recently Posted on his Instagram Stories to kill the rumor, writing in all caps, “I LOVE KEHLANI. I WOULD NEVER.”

In video obtained by The Shade Room, YG is seen sitting in a Lamborghini outside of the Poppy Night Club in Los Angeles talking to an unidentified woman. She crouches down to speak to him and then one of the doors comes up. It appears the woman then leans in for a kiss.

YG’s team issued a statement claiming it was a “drunken moment” that got “carried away.”

“He was drunk, got carried away and it was very regretful for putting himself in that situation and hurting #Kehlani,” the statement read. “He has no romantic connection to the girl.”

What do you think do you think YG CHEATED???? IF YOU WERE KEHLANI WOULD YOU BELIEVE YG???????


WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – Famous Dex was In MID performance at 1 OAK in West Hollywood on Friday Nov 1 when he suffered a seizure. on video, Dex is surrounded by a crowd of people while he has a seizure on stage.

The L.A. Country Fire Department received a call about someone who had suffered a seizure at 1 OAK a right before 2 a.m. local time. They arrived on the scene only a few minutes later, but Famous Dex was not admitted to the hospital.

One of Dex’s reps made a statement, claiming he had suffered an epileptic seizure and was on the road to recovery.

“We wish Famous Dex a speedy recovery after his epileptic seizure last night,” the statement read. “He is currently in good spirits and hopes to return back to finishing his new album. He thanks all his fans for their prayers and well wishes.”

Less than a year ago, Dex drew concern from his fans when he passed out during an Instagram Live video.

Dex’s team reportedly confirmed he was under the influence of some kind of opiate and was struggling with addiction, which Dex denied.

“I always know,” he said in an Instagram video. “Only you know — not my manager, not anybody. You know you. With that being said, I ain’t got nothing to explain. The video that’s right now going viral, that’s kind of so stupid? For one, I’m a human being and I work my ass off.

“And once you put overtime, overnight and then you come back home at 4 something in the morning and you decide to go live — hey. Don’t let the world trick you and be fooled.”


Meek Mill breaks down the dangers of being a rapper.

If you listened to Boosie Badazz’ latest project, Bad Azz Zay with Zaytoven, you probably heard track 2, “Dangerous Job.” On the song, Boosie explains exactly why it’s dangerous to be a rapper, even mentioning Meek Mill’s recent stint in prison over a “probation violation” for popping a wheelie. Boosie wasn’t lying, either. We constantly hear about rappers getting into trouble with the law and it would be lazy to conclude that it only occurs because of the content in their songs.

Meek Mill recently sat down as a panelist at the Players Coalition Town Hall where he broke down exactly why being a rapper is dangerous. Now, Meek knows first hand from his own experiences throughout his career. He explained to the other panelists that his life is at risk just because he’s famous and in Philly, he’s aware of the ruthlessness in the streets.

“If I was in Miami, and it was time to go to the club tonight. Me, I would go to the club. A rapper’s job is dangerous. We lose our lives, we get shot at. I would go to the club,” he said. “Now, you tell me you want to go to the club [in Philly]. You know 9/10 [why] I wouldn’t go? When you come outside, ain’t no police outside. So what we gotta turn to? Our friends that got gun license. You got to survive, just to stay alive. So if it ain’t safe — me, I got money, I got resources, I got a back-end so I don’t have to resort to criminology but I know, I come from that life. I’m not that far away.”

This can be backed by other situations that have happened for ex. in September of 2017 when Rapper young Dolph was shot in Los Angeles