WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – Famous Dex was In MID performance at 1 OAK in West Hollywood on Friday Nov 1 when he suffered a seizure. on video, Dex is surrounded by a crowd of people while he has a seizure on stage.

The L.A. Country Fire Department received a call about someone who had suffered a seizure at 1 OAK a right before 2 a.m. local time. They arrived on the scene only a few minutes later, but Famous Dex was not admitted to the hospital.

One of Dex’s reps made a statement, claiming he had suffered an epileptic seizure and was on the road to recovery.

“We wish Famous Dex a speedy recovery after his epileptic seizure last night,” the statement read. “He is currently in good spirits and hopes to return back to finishing his new album. He thanks all his fans for their prayers and well wishes.”

Less than a year ago, Dex drew concern from his fans when he passed out during an Instagram Live video.

Dex’s team reportedly confirmed he was under the influence of some kind of opiate and was struggling with addiction, which Dex denied.

“I always know,” he said in an Instagram video. “Only you know — not my manager, not anybody. You know you. With that being said, I ain’t got nothing to explain. The video that’s right now going viral, that’s kind of so stupid? For one, I’m a human being and I work my ass off.

“And once you put overtime, overnight and then you come back home at 4 something in the morning and you decide to go live — hey. Don’t let the world trick you and be fooled.”


Meek Mill breaks down the dangers of being a rapper.

If you listened to Boosie Badazz’ latest project, Bad Azz Zay with Zaytoven, you probably heard track 2, “Dangerous Job.” On the song, Boosie explains exactly why it’s dangerous to be a rapper, even mentioning Meek Mill’s recent stint in prison over a “probation violation” for popping a wheelie. Boosie wasn’t lying, either. We constantly hear about rappers getting into trouble with the law and it would be lazy to conclude that it only occurs because of the content in their songs.

Meek Mill recently sat down as a panelist at the Players Coalition Town Hall where he broke down exactly why being a rapper is dangerous. Now, Meek knows first hand from his own experiences throughout his career. He explained to the other panelists that his life is at risk just because he’s famous and in Philly, he’s aware of the ruthlessness in the streets.

“If I was in Miami, and it was time to go to the club tonight. Me, I would go to the club. A rapper’s job is dangerous. We lose our lives, we get shot at. I would go to the club,” he said. “Now, you tell me you want to go to the club [in Philly]. You know 9/10 [why] I wouldn’t go? When you come outside, ain’t no police outside. So what we gotta turn to? Our friends that got gun license. You got to survive, just to stay alive. So if it ain’t safe — me, I got money, I got resources, I got a back-end so I don’t have to resort to criminology but I know, I come from that life. I’m not that far away.”

This can be backed by other situations that have happened for ex. in September of 2017 when Rapper young Dolph was shot in Los Angeles